We aspire to make the hobby of fish and aquariums more accessible to people by providing inexpensive but high quality products and fish tanks in Melbourne, delivered with the highest standard of customer service.



It is our dream to bring our passion and experience with fish, bespoke aquariums and fish tank installations to every Melbourne home and commercial space. We want to share the joy this hobby brings us with all Melbounites – young and old.


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THE Aquapet story

What started as a childhood hobby, turned into an infatuation for AquaPet owner Raymond Mai. His enthusiasm and fascination for everything aquaponics – later culminated into a passion that started the family business. This was how Aqua Pet was born.

Founded by Raymond Mai, a Melbourne native, an aquaponic expert, and a self-taught Aquarium technician and enthusiast, AquaPet is a family owned and operated business established in 2016 servicing Derrimut to Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

As a young boy, Raymond developed fascination with sea creatures. His father had a fish tank with a goldfish in it, and it was then his interest grew and grew. He noticed his father frequented a local aquarium shop to buy new fish every time his fish died. This puzzled Raymond as he started to realise this hobby was becoming expensive.

Raymond began thinking of ways to help the fish live longer. He experimented with changing the water more frequently and replacing the filters. His efforts paid off as the fish survived for more and more weeks. Ultimately, his father’s trip to the local aquarium shop lessened over time.

Inevitably, his passion grew into breeding. He started breeding shrimp and had a fish tank installed in his room.

Raymond’s passion for fish and aquariums go beyond owning fish and having a fish tank. He is also passionate about making this hobby more accessible and affordable for more people.

In early adulthood, an opportunity presented itself for Raymond and his wife to purchase an aquarium. After a challenging introduction to a partnership with a friend – they took the risk and ventured out on their own.

In 2016, AquaPet was born and Raymond was able to begin sharing his passion with likeminded aquarium and fish enthusiasts.

Our Services


Aquariums provide a different sense of calm and peace of mind to every home. Just imagine the tranquil sound of the water, the gentle swaying of live plants, the colourful species of fish gracefully weaving through the water, and even the humming sound of the filter - all these add to the beauty of your home and create a more peaceful and relaxing setting.


Aquariums are not only a visual delight that can be enjoyed in one's home; they also add charm to commercial spaces such as offices, clinic, stores, resorts, hotels, malls, and any space really. A professionally built and bespoke designed fish tank is sure to leave anyone in awe and keep clients coming back.


Attract more guests by enhancing the overall aesthetic of your restaurants, bars, or any dining space. Having an aquarium or fish tank installed enhances your space and makes your spot a standout.

What makes Aqua Pet a Standout?

From our humble beginnings, Aqua Pet has proven to be the more affordable choice for fish and aquarium hobbyists and fish tank installations in Melbourne. Based on first-hand experiences and extreme passion in aquatic life, our business is aimed towards helping people enjoy their fish and aquarium hobby to the fullest and creating one-of-a-kind aquarium and fish tank masterpieces.

Our one-stop-shop offers new product ranges including live fish, fish accessories and fish food. We can guarantee there’s always something for your fish and aquarium needs. We deliver showstopping results in our design and installations as we bring our expertise, innovation, top notch craftmanship, and deep-rooted passion to every project we do.

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